Frequently asked questions

1. Is online treatment an effective treatment?

Yes. Distant medicine has been in use in Western medicine for several years. Telemedicine systems have been developed for many areas under the western medicine: GP, Psychiatry, Psychology, expert diagnosis and advice, workers health management, physical activity and more. Research done in this area has shown that these systems are highly effective.

As an integrative and complementary practitioners, we’ve noticed that our area of holistic medicine is lacking when it comes to the online treatments support. This is why we’ve decided to develop this unique and specific holistic medicine system.

There are several protocols suitable for different areas of treatment, but not for holistic medicine. Holiadvice will lead and develop the holistic protocols in order to allow patients to receive a general frame work for receiving distance treatments. The protocol will include the full chain of treatments and will be developed by the therapists themselves.

2. What can you expect to receive in one of our online clinics?

1. Consultation – you can receive consultation by holistic medicine experts, the same as you receive from your GP. Even today, many of these therapists are consulting their clients via e-mail, Skype, chats, etc. Holiadvice’s advantage is in its ability to create a specific set up for the therapist, the same as a physical clinic. Therapists can consult their clients even when their area of treatment involves physical elements, as part of the first diagnosis or prolonged treatment sessions.

2. Clinic, Diagnosis &Treatment – Holiadvice provides two online formats: regular chat and a video chat. As the system grows and develops, more options will be added to assist with diagnosis and treatments.

3. Follow up – one of the biggest advantages of distance medicine is its ability to allow follow up on the clients’ treatment and progress even when they do not physically arrive at the clinics. Distance medicine has been proved to be highly effective when it comes to managing chronic diseases, emotional support, follow up on prolonged treatments, personal training and more.

3. How to open an online therapist or patient account?

1. Log in to . On the left top corner press the Enter tab

2. Press the “create an account” link

3. Choose a therapist or a client and fill in the details. Press the ‘sign in’ tab. Before signing in, you can look at the service conditions and privacy policy for the website.

4. After you sign in a message will appear and a message will be sent to your e-mail address. Remember: your account will not be activated until you confirm your e-mail address, in order to ensure the validity of your details.

5. Check your e-mail Inbox and confirm your details. This will send you back to the website where you’ll need to enter your e-mail address and a password and then open your clinic.

4. Does the site keeps privacy?

The site is secured by SSL encrypted communication protocol between computers that enables secure communication between them.

5. How much is the treatment cost?

In Holiadvice each practitioner determines the price of its treatments, depending on skills and experience.

6. How do I cancel my account

At this point you can send an email to and ask to cancel it.

7. Do the practitioners and doctors are certified?

Yes, every practitioner mention in his certifications in his clinic. We insure that every practitioner holds the right certificate.

8. How do I contact Holiadvice?

Email us at

9. How secure is the payment system?

Practitioners use PayPal the world's largest and most secure payment method.

10. Can I get a refund?

At this point you can send an email to and we'll refund the money.

11. Can anyone join?

Holiadvice provides medical services if you are over 18 years old

12. What about privacy?

Anonymity and security in medical care are critical. We want to insure that you feel confident in your interactions with a variety of different practitioners. You can choose an alias or pseudonym in the registration process. It is entirely up to you, to keep your real name to yourself to anyone at any time. You can change your nickname at any time.

13. Can I get treatment through my smartphone or tablet?

At this point, not yet, only using a computer.

14. Which computer and an Internet connection do I need?

Every computer running Windows and Mac OS. In addition you will need a webcam and a microphone during treatment.