About Holiadvice

Holiadvice brings the world of integrative and complementary medicine to every house on the globe.

Holiadvice allows people from around the globe to find, connect and get treated by different integrative and complementary therapists from everywhere in the world by using online clinics for online medical treatment and consultation in different areas including Chinese Medicine, Holistic Psychotherapy, Ayurveda, Healing, and more. Holiadvice is where you meet, consult and receive a medical diagnosis and treatment online from an experienced licensed integrative practitioners.

Holiadvice’s vision is to allow each person an access to the vast holistic knowledge that was accumulated over thousands of years and make this knowledge accessible online. We believe that this knowledge has the power to unite people from all over the globe.

Why Holiadvice

We found that no matter where people live, when they require medical care, they are many times limited and restricted geographically and culturally. They only know what the society which they live in offers, physiologically or mentally, while the world, in fact, has much larger opportunities. Many people don’t know the old Bedouin medicine, the Persian medicine, the Tibetan medicine, healing for its many forms, and more. All these methods, enforced by clinical studies, can assist millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time in history, people can find advice, treatment and help from different practitioners, in different areas, from anywhere in the world. This is Holiadvice.

Tele-medicine - distant medicine

Distant medical care has been gaining momentum in the western medicine for several years. Different telemedicine systems have been developed for areas including family care, psychiatry, psychology and exercise. As integrative and complementary practitioners, we have identified that our area is lacking this flexibility and availability to our clients. This is why we have developed this unique online system created specifically for this area of treatments. We believe we are only at the beginning and that this online communicating system will grow as we encourage more and more practitioners and patients to use this connecting tool.

The first Holistic Telemedicine in the world

Holiadvice is proud to be the first company in the world to develop a distance medicine system specifically designed for the integrative and complementary medicine world. While other Telemedicine systems are focused on western medicine, our system answers the unique requirements of the holistic practitioners.

What can you find on Holiadvice

The main question we had in our mind was how can we help people around the globe who seek an alternative medicine solution?

As practitioners, we have identified the need for making the integrative and complementary medicine more accessible. Making it approachable, easy to use and affordable will help to improve the quality of life for many people around the world. In 2013, there were 4 million visits to integrative and complementary practitioners in Israel alone, and the numbers just keep growing…. Imagine what will happen when this area will become more accessible due to the advantages provided by Holiadvice.

What will you receive as a patient?

1. A wide variety of holistic digital clinics where you can receive advice and get treated in the comfort of your home.

2. Digital Holistic Intake® - a unique algorithmic tool developed by Holiadvice and designed to assist clients to find the best treatment and therapist for their needs, even if they don’t know what they are looking for.

What will you receive as a practitioner?

1. A private digital clinic

2. A private calendar to set your patient's treatments online

3. An easy online secured payment system using PayPal. The client pays the practitioner directly to his/her PayPal account.

4. A telemedicine clinic using online video and live chats to diagnose and treat patients.

Holiadvice Team

Yaniv Sharon, Co-founder and CEO

Koby Bar – CEO. Co Founder

BSC - Technion Israel , MBA – UNISA. A technical project manager, formally Amdocs site manager at Bangkok, Thailand, leading projects in South Africa, Israel, Romania and Thailand.

Ori Bar – CMO. Co Founder

Transpersonal psychotherapist ; 4th year student for Holistic psychotherapy at Reidman College. Assuta hospital former spokesman

Yaniv Sharon, Co-founder and home visits manager

Dr. Nikolai Ryzhikov, R&D and CTO

Team Leader at wave access, Russia international development company, specialized in health IT Based in Nevada and California, US

Tal Moravkin, Design Lead

Former V.P creative and branding at Emaze.com, an award-winning startup

Sarah Granek, Practitioners relations manager

Former administrative manager at Conexant


Dubi Lax, former CEO of Reidman International College, the largest complementary and integrative medicine school in Europe.

Mark Oun, MD Gett Israel (GetTaxi), largest on-demand car service outside of USA.

Golan Pessi, Reidman International College.

Eyal Cohava, Founder and managing director of The Business Development Center

Pavel Smornov, Founder and Product Manager at Health Samurai Specialized in health IT.

Ory Arbel, Partner at Arbel Braun Attorneys at Law