Privacy Policy

HOLIADVICE privacy policy

HOLIADVICE is a platform and a community market of alternative medicine practitioners, holistic or combined, who are interested to treat by the internet. for the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that HOLIADVICE is not a virtual clinic that provides alternative, holistic neither combined medicine treatment. HOLIADVICE gives the practitioners the website as a stage for their own private clinics only, and it not performs the treatments. Therefore, HOLIADVICE is not responsible for the treatments, directly or indirectly. HOLIADVICE is not a part of the deal between the practitioners and clients, as still will be any from any kind.

Who are we?

HOLIADVICE is the developer and activate of HOLIADVICE ("the company") – as well the website and the other services that provided by it (all together – "the services")

Why is that privacy policy for?

We created this privacy policy because we very appreciate you personal information and details; please read it carefully, since it contain important information about it.

You are welcome to contact us for any question regarding the privacy policy, by E-mail address:

This document has been written facing male language cause of comfort only, and it ascribes both of genders.


Any use that I will make (or allow to others make) in one or more of the various services, constitutes my agree for this Privacy Policy terms, as well – collection, use, revelation, transfer or storage – of any personal or private detail.

What kind of details we collect?

1. Personal details:

A. First name and Surname

B. E-mail address

2. Impersonal details

What are we doing with the details we collect?

1. Personal details

Any personal detail that is collected treated in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy and may be used for:

A. Access and utilization – All details will be given by you, for get an access for one or more of the services, can be used by us for providing you access and utilization for those services, and monitoring your utilization in those services.

B. Business goals of the company - All personal details you provide us, can be used by us for improvement of the services that provided by us, for better users understanding, Identification and prevention of inappropriate uses to enforce our terms of use and the management of our services.

C. Specific objectives – all personal details you provide us for a specific purpose can be used by us in connection with the implementation of the same goal.

D. Marketing – All personal details you provide us, can be used by us in the future for marking and commercial proposes, as well as (but not only) turns regarding new services that may be interested by you, et cetera.

E. Statistic – All personal details you provide us for making reports that contain information and statistics.

2. Impersonal details

Since impersonal information cannot identify you directly, we reserve the right to use as possible by law with impersonal information.

Which details will be shared with third parties?

1. Personal details

We are not going to sell your personal details for anyone. However of course there are situations where we have to deliver, to share or to transfer personal details - without giving you prior notice – under the following conditions:

A. An commitment by law – In any case that we believe, innocently, that details giving will be necessary by law, as well as (but not only) in case of orders of governmental, courts or any other official authorities.

B. Prevention of crime or civil wrong – In any case we believe, innocently, that details sharing will be necessary for prevention of a crime, damage or fraud.

C. Business goals – As we develop our business, we may purchase or sell business and assets. In case of sale, merge, reorganization, dissolution or any similar event, personal details may be included as part of the assets transferred. You acknowledge and agree that all who acquire or enter in the company (or its assets), will continue to hold the same rights regarding personal information and privacy in accordance with this privacy policy.

D. Marketing - We may disclose personal information for purposes of marketing or advertising services. However in these cases we will not deliver to a third party any personal details – can be identified directly with any of the services users.

E. Statistic - Any personal details you provide us can be used to prepare reports and statistics that we can deliver for marketing or our services advertising. However in these cases we will not deliver to a third party any personal details – can be identified directly with any of the services users.

2. Impersonal details

Since impersonal information cannot identify you directly, we reserve the right to use as possible by law with impersonal information.

Links for other websites

As part of the site and the services, may appear links to Web sites of third parties. We will not be responsible for the privacy policies of those sites and we recommend you to check the privacy policy each and every site.

Storage and information secure

We are committed to protecting the personal data and privacy and make every effort in common industry, to maintain the security of your personal information and privacy, and to protect them from loss, alteration or improper use. However if you notice any breach in security of information please notify us immediately to the E-mail address: in order to examine the matter and to attend as possible.

Other terms

1. Terms change

The company may make changes to this privacy policy without giving a prior notice of this. It is your responsibility to get to this page periodically to verify if changes have been made, especially before providing personal details. The last update time appears at the head of the page. Continue of using of the services constitutes your agreement to all ongoing changes in privacy policy, as done periodically. If you don't agree with any change in this privacy policy, the only remedies available would be to stop using of the services or the website.

2. Direct mailing

A. The company may be interested to send you occasional e-mail information services and marketing and advertising information. The use of the services or in part included submission your e-mail address, constitutes express consent for. However, you can revoke your consent at any time sending a message to the e-mail address:

3. Cookie files

A. For the operation and functioning of the services or the website, the company may be use with "Cookies". Also to compile statistics about the use of it, to verify details, for matching for your personal preferences and data secure.

B. Modern browsers include the possibility to block the cookies files. If you don't know how to do it, please look the "Help" menu in the browser you use.

4. Third parties commercials

A. It is possible that advertisements of third parties will appear on the site or as part of the provision of the services. Sponsored by external service - that matches ads to the content page and surfer habits.

B. It may be that the external services use the cookies files in your computer for manage and matching the advertisements. It is clarified that it is made subject to the privacy policy of the external service and is not subject to this privacy policy.

5. Default judgment and jurisdiction

The exclusive jurisdiction and venue in any issues related to matters arising from or relating to this agreement, shall be exclusively the Court of competent jurisdiction located in Tel Aviv. The law that applies to this agreement will be the Israeli law.