Terms of Service

Terms of Service with Holiadvice website

1. Introduction

1.1 The introduction for this document and the appendix are integral part of it.

1.2 The paragraphs titles are written for comfort only, and they have no meanings either given once.

1.3 The agreement has been written facing male language cause of comfort only, and it describes both of genders.

1.4 Definitions

1.4.1 "The company" - Holiadvice

1.4.2 "The agreement" – this terms of use documents

1.4.3 "The platform" or "The website" – an alternative, holistic and combined medicare platform.

1.4.4 "Users" – any person who uses the platform or surf in the company website.

1.5 This agreement comes to organize the relations between the company and the platform users.Using the service constitutes as consent and acceptance the terms of this agreement. User who decline the terms of use (part or all) written in this agreement, may not use the platform or any part of it.

1.7 It is clarified that the terms of this agreement are acting equal and under the terms of third party terms of use, as will be, and as addition part.

2. Term of Use

2.1 The user liable to avoid from the next action regards the platform:

2.1.1 Surfing, scanning or using the platform with a software which specified for information collection, or actions performence under cover of a regular and normative surfer, including Bots, Crawlers and similar programs.

2.1.2 Manipulation of internal URL pages, for reaching internal pages with no direct access (URL Hacking)

2.1.3 Uploading or transferring of contents, or any action performance, which are illegal according the laws of State of Israel or in general; and completely avoid of uploading, transferring or publishing of contents that breaks copyrights, trademark or trade secret of other, libel publishing, abomination contents or damage to others privacy.

2.1.4 Action performance and changes in the website or the application design, the origin code, elements or contents that appear in the website or the application, which the exclusive right to do it, according the copyrights law 2007, belongs to the rights owner, not according to written in this agreement.

2.2 The company has the right to:

2.2.1 Stop or avid the service, or parts of it, from a user that breaks any clause of this agreement or in general; according the exclusive consideration of the company, and without obligatory to notify in advance. With no any claim from the user.

2.2.2 Remove or cancel any contents or action that performed by the user and consists as breaking of any clause of this agreement or in general.

2.2.3 The company will be allow to block any access to the platform – from addresses and websites that haven’t confirmed by the company for using its products (written and in advance), or may damage the company or the products - according the exclusive consideration of the company, and without obligatory to notify in advance.

3. User's Account

3.1 The company reserves itself the right to determine that access for specific services will be available only for registered users, which gave the company details that will be determined by the company (as follows: "User account" or "Account").

3.2 The follow instructions applies creation of user account:

3.3 Creation of a user account which contains details which are not those real and full details of the registered person is prohibited.

3.4 Creation of a user account for a person who is not at front of the media that used for the registration at the time of the registration, or decline the terms of this agreement is prohibited.

Regards those instruction, will be emphasized that impersonating is a criminal offence.

3.5 It is clarified that although the company acts for secure the user account contents, it cannot guarantee absolutely non exposure cause of not allowed penetration, and the user will has no claims against the company, for damages that will be caused from non-allowed penetration to his account.

3.6 The user obligated to follow the following rules, regards the password that will be used for the account access, and the platform services that available for registered users only (as follows: "The password")

3.6.1 Telling the password to another person or writing in Email message is prohibited.

3.6.2 The user has to change is password every 3 months.

3.6.3 The Password must contain at least 8 characters, among them at least one digit and at least one letter (a-z).

3.6.4 The user is requested to inform the company immediately about any suspect for unauthorized use in his account.

3.6.5 The user confirmed the company for sending to his Email box, according the details that insert in his user account, updates and confirmation messages regards actions and performances in the website, and any other massage.

4. Warranty limitation


4.1 It is clarified that the platform will be proved as it is (As-Is). And the company is not responsible for any damage that will be caused to the user (or any on behalf of him), because of using the platform; or because of using of third party products or services.

4.2 It is clarified that the company cannot guarantee that the system will work 100% of the time; due the fact that sometimes that company will update and upgrade the platform system – an action that might temporarily stop the service; and the company has no control about the products or services availability that provided by third parties.

4.3 It is the user responsibility to check, before the platform use, that the platform feet for his needs, and the user will has no claims in case of unfitting of the platform for his needs.

4.4 It is the user responsibility to make sure, before the platform use, his web net connection it intact – the company is not responsible for any damage that will be caused that may happened to the user because of web net connection problems.

4.5 Without limiting the foregoing, and if will be determined by another authorized authority, and if the company breaks its obligations according this agreements – the user agree, that the warranty will be limited to an amount of 1000 ILS (New Israeli Shekels) only, except for malice action of the company.

Absence of medical warranty

4.6 The information and contents in the platform are for information and learning purposes only. And are not replacement for the medical diagnosis, consultation or treatment. The company doesn’t give medical consultancy, neither medical treatment. The user's duty is to turn to medical consultancy and treatments according his needs and not to base on the platform services, beyond the information which appears on it.

4.7 The company allows you, through the platform, to contact with alternative Medicare practitioners, holistic or combined, for getting information and consultancy. The company doesn’t employ the practitioners and the company has no warranty from any kind regarding the actions and information that provided by them. The practitioners are completely responsible by themselves for any action or information that performed or provided by them through the platform.

4.8 The company doesn’t provide any consultancy about medicines or any kind of treatment. The use is recommended to be considered regarding any information that will be given through the platform, and the user is requested to inform the company immediately for any violation of it.

4.9 Although the company makes efforts for verify the standards, education and professionality of the practitioners in the platform – the company is not obligated to the standard, education and professionality of the general practitioners. Each user is responsible to consider about any contact with a practitioners through the platform.

4.10 Every payment that will be charged by the platform and designated to the company (as a direct payment to the company or as a commission that charge from the practitioner), is designed for the existence of the platform and the services providing through – This payment will not consider in any case as a payment for a medical consultancy either medical treatment, from the company.

5. Absence of commercial advertisement and external links warranty

5.1 It may be that advertisements or third parties services, sponsored by external service that fits the commercial advertisement to the page contents, will appear in the website. It is clarified that the company has no control about the chosen advertisement, appearance order, or the contents veracity.

5.2 Some of the links (Hyper-Links) that appear in the website turning to websites which are third parties own or management. It is clarified that the link to those websites are only for the user's comfort and the company didn't verify those websites, neither support or responsible them, their contents or security, and it is full responsibility of the user in any case of surfing, using or information giving to those websites.

5.3 It shale be emphasized that there is no diagnosis between internal links to outbound links and it is the user's responsibility to corroborate the URL address that the link turns to, before the using of it.

6. Announcement of violating contents

6.1 The company devoted to the laws of State of Israel – in case you meet with a content which violates against the rules of State of Israel or in general, we will appreciate if you will notify us by message that describes the violating content and violation essence, to the follows Email address: office@holiadvice.

7. Intellectual property

7.1 The company is the owner of all rights, as well as the intellectual property rights (as well as the company trademarks), in all services that will be provided by the company, and all the tools and facilities that will be used by the company during the service. All those, as well as any change, upgrade addition or any derivative work of it, except products and services of third parties.

7.2 The user will not be allowed to use the platform or any part of it, in a way that violates this agreement, and by that to break the company's rights or any third party – as still he didn't get written permission in advance.

7.3 Clause 7 will be valid also after service and agreement outage, from any reason.

8. Condition change

8.1 The company allowed making any change in this agreement and the appendix anytime, and without advanced notification.

8.2 It is the user's responsibility to enter this page, to verify if any change has been

9. Compensation

9.1 The user is obligated to compensate the company, for any loss, damage or absence (as well as expenses and attorney) that will caused to the company, regarding any request or suit against the company, as result of the user's utilization with the platform, from any reason; and all that, within 30 days from the acceptances date, of the first company's written request.

9.2 The written in clause 9 does not detract from any other right or remedies, that Available to company under this agreement or under any law.

10. Default judgment and jurisdiction

The exclusive jurisdiction and venue in any issues related to matters arising from or relating to this agreement, Shall be exclusively the Court of competent jurisdiction located in Tel Aviv. The law that applies to this agreement will be the Israeli law.